25 percent tariff on China-made e-bikes

The U.S. trade representative has authorized the inclusion of e-bikes and e-bike motors at the listing of $16 billion worth of chinese merchandise with the intention of being hit with a 25 percent tariff beginning Aug. 23.

The United States Trade Representative (USTR) announced on Tuesday that it had finalized the list, which it had first released June 15. After review and a public comment period, the USTR removed just 5 product categories from the list of 284 categories that was proposed.

The bike enterprise and clients had submitted hundreds of feedback against the tariff and industry individuals spoke at a public listening in Washington last month. The industry argued that the tariffs could harm providers, stores and consumers, also stunt the sales growth of a blossoming environmentally useful product, and would do little to shield U.S. e-bike producers, because there are nearly none.
Chinese e-bikes formerly had no tariff, while e-bike motors have a 4 percentage tariff.

The USTR said its "exhaustive" research "found China's acts, regulations and practices related to technology transfer, intellectual property and innovation are unreasonable, discriminatory and burden U.S. trade."

The decision came faster than anticipated, cited Alex Logemann, the director of state and local policy for PeopleForBikes. The subsequent step for the industry is to petition for exemption from the tariff, he said. individual agencies and trade associations can ask for exemptions. The deadline to submit packages for exemption is Oct. 9 and Logemann stated PeopleForBikes and the Bicycle Product providers association will submit an application on the industry's behalf.

Another proposed tariff, which would apply a 25 percent duty on $200 billion in chinese goods including approximately $1 billion of bike-associated products is working through the system. That institution of products first of all had a proposed 10 percentage tariff, but the USTR, at President Trump's urging, raised it to twenty-five percent last week.