Burn more fat
Live longer
Body mass index
Beat illness
Cycle away from the big C
Heal your heart
Boost your bellows
Sports psychologist indicate that body's metabolic rate is not just raised during a ride, but also for several hours after that. For example, after a thirty-minute ride, you could still be burning a higher amount of calories for some hours after you stop. One study showed that cyclist who included fast intervals into their ride burned three times more body fat than those who regularly cycled with a slower pace.
Jay Zagorsky from Ohio State University concluded that a one-unit increase in body mass index score corresponded to eight percent increase in health.
Cycling is a perfect way to avoid the doctor. While riding a bike, immune cells become more active so that they can fight away all kind of infections. Analyse of the University of North Carolina says that people who cycle for 30 minutes every day take a lot less sick days than the people who don't ride a bicycle.
The bicycle ride is particularly useful for keeping your cells in working order. A Finnish research discovered that men who exercised at a reasonable level at least thirty minutes a day were more protected from cancer than those who didn't exercise at all. Other studies got the results that women who cycle often have less chance of getting a breast cancer.
It isn't hard to guess that lungs work considerably harder than usual while you ride the bike. An adult cycling uses ten times more oxygen they'd need to sit in front of the TV for the same period. Regular cycling helps with strengthening the cardiovascular system, enabling your lungs and heart to work more efficiently and taking more oxygen where it is needed.
Everyday bicycle riding can decrease the risk of heart disease by fifty percent. Also by a study of the British Heart Foundation, ten thousand fatal heart attacks could be avoided each year if people use more time for the exercises.
Those who are cycling on a daily basis are at significantly low risk of type two diabetes, cardiovascular disease, any cancer, high blood pressure, etc. The body becomes much powerful and efficient at defending itself.
Increase your brain power
Make creative breakthroughs
Cycling means guilt-free snacks
Go for a ride if you feel tired
Get (a legal) high
It'll make you happy
Researchers from the University of Illinois suggest peddling to improve your mental strength. Cycling helps in building new brain cells in the hippocampus necessary for excellent memory.
Increasing your salt consumption is seldom your doctor's advice, but in the few days leading up to a big ride or sportive, that's precisely what you should do. That gives you the ideal excuse to munch salty foods you might usually avoid. The sodium in them helps defend your body against hyponatremia, a condition caused by taking too much water without sufficient quantity of sodium that can lead to illness, disorientation or even something worse.
In sounds strange but if you're feeling tired, the best thing you should do is going for a ride. Physical activity for just several minutes is an incredibly powerful wake-up call. An exercise directly lowers fatigue levels.
Even if you feel sad or miserable, get on your bike and see how does effect on your mood. Any decent exercise releases good natural endorphins that help counter stress. Just thirty minutes of exercising a week can be sufficient to give people the lift they need.
A neurologist from the University of Bon visualized endorphins in the brains of ten volunteers before and after a. two-hour cardio practice using a technique known as positive emission tomography (PET). Comparing the results, they discovered evidence of more opiate binding of the happy hormone in the regions of the brain known to be involved in emotional processing and dealing with stress.
Artists, musicians, writers and all sorts of other professionals take some exercise to solve mental blocks. Just 25 minutes of aerobic activity increases at least one measure of creative thinking. Credit goes to the flow of oxygen to your brain when it matters the most.
You'll look younger
Your boss will love you
Enjoy healthy family time
Make friends and stay happy
In many cases, you'll get to your destination faster
Cycling improves your sex life
Save the planet
Everyday cycling can protect the skin against the harmful UV radiation and decrease the signs of aging. Improved circulation via exercise transports nutrients and oxygen to skin cells more efficiently and at the same time flushing dangerous toxins out.
Riding a bike is a perfect activity for putting the whole family together. Studies have shown that kids are influenced by their parents exercise choices. So, if your children see you riding your bike regularly, they think it's a normal condition and will want to follow your example.
University of California researchers discovered socializing releases the hormone oxytocin, which defense the 'fight or flight' response.
In the main cities in America, bicycling will get you faster to planned destination than your car. Cruising through city center can be enjoyable when using a bike.
Bikes produces zero pollution. The efficiency of a bike is incredible. For the same amount of energy, you can travel three times faster than walking.
More physical activity improves your vascular health, which has a significant effect on boosting your sex life. A study from Cornell University concluded that male athletes have the sexual prowess of men several years younger. Another study from Harvard University says that people aged over fifty who cycle at least several hours a week have a thirty percent lower risk of impotence than those who don't exercise at all.
Some study of two hundred people carried out at the University of Bristol concluded that employees who exercise before work or during lunchtime improved workload management. The study says that those workers felt their interpersonal performance was much better than usual.