The 7 best e-bikes of 2019

Have you ever thought about the best electric bikes available on the market?
Well here they are:

The Audi E-Bike.
Following Audi's purchase of Ducati valued at $1.2 billion, Audi has spent money on the layout of bikes, focused on the development of E-Bikes and the overall two-wheel market. This could be seen in the Audi E-Bike very clearly with the extent of attention paid to details and the slick carbon fiber frame. The overall concept of the bike is looking into the future with bikes being equipped with cutting edge technology and constructed with only the best of materials. The Audi E-Bike may be compared to only a minimal amount of bikes in the globe as can its hefty price tag. With weight around 4lbs and a 2.3kW electric motor and lithium ion battery the bike's total weight is 24lbs (11kg). The combination of various top engineers, fascinating alarm systems and integrated LED lights can only leave cycle lovers to similarly speculate over other unknown capabilities .

The X1 Explore.
This is a sophisticated, eco-friendly, and long-range bike. It is well fortified with GPS tracking, remote key fob start, and an anti-theft alarm, it is compact and portable since it folds to the size of a golf bag in just a second. This bike stands out from the crowd due to so many features yet with an affordable price reaching impressive speeds of up to 19 mph. You can take this bike anywhere, ride it on the train or bus stop, then fold it and pick it up onto any public transport.

Levo FSR Electric Mountain E-Bike.
A perfect bike for those in love with nature, the mountain terrains. One of the stealthiest electric mountain bikes around with integrated battery and motor technology from Brose.
Responsive and zippy without producing a lot of noise, you don't get shift detection here but the motor relies partially on torque sensors so it works naturally enough.
The battery pack can be completely removed, reducing the weight of the bike by nearly 7 lbs and enabling you to charge inside with ease. The front wheel offers quick release and you get some neat SWAT accessories for trail maintenance and rear wheel removal.
The tires are tubeless ready, seat post dropper has internal cable routing (along with most of the wires), the frame is e-bike specific with custom suspension and a large battery capacity.

The Skillion Max Classic E-Bike
The Skillion has got to be one of the quality E-bikes known to man. This is because its design is comprised of high quality from both worlds. It is a tough build intended for an adventurous life-style. It operates just as well on the highway as it does on a wild path. And the best part is that all of its hybrid functions are well concealed into an attractive minimalist package deal. It has an 8-speed gear shift that makes hills very easy to tackle. The removable battery is 48 volts and can cover more than 38 miles on full charge. It also has disk brakes as well as a front display panel to display speed and other information. However being a bike, it calls for no license to function and no insurance cover. The pedal assist system has approximately 5 levels that also determine the amount of power that is consumed. To top all of it off, it has orange cut-out rims that make it eye catching and impossible to resist.

Lopifit Walking E-Bike.
If you thought the e-bike revolution was over then right here is something to prove you wrong. The Lopifit combines top characteristics of scooters, treadmills and cool e-bikes into one. It comes as a remedy to folks who thought that technology had ruined humanity's need for bikes. This unique build combines an electric powered motor assist system and treadmill powered execution. The idea was to get a bit of walking exercise when you are out on the road and can not hit the gym. Like any other e-bike model, it calls for some effort from the rider for the motor to provide assistance. The effort in this case is like walking motion that sets off a sequence of actions. In fact,to start it off, you just need to place one foot on the surface and side it towards the back. As you walk on the treadmill, the motor continues running and in order to come to a stop you will want to engage the hand brakes. What a first-rate work of art!

Stealth B52 Momber Electric Bike
As the name implies, the Stealth B52 electric bike was created to blow minds. It operates at a top speed of 50 mph and offers a range of up to 60 miles when fully charged. This makes it one of the most powerful e-bikes on this list. It also adds to the usual pedal power using a nine-speed gear shift system that offers enhanced performance over all manner of terrain. While the range mentioned above is achievable on economy mode, full speeds would cut it down to 25 miles. It has a well-placed display that shows important information. This display is intuitive and guarantees a user-friendly experience even when on the move. Its battery takes about three hours to recharge fully and this information also shows on the display.
Another highlight of the bike's design is the fact that its digital inverter contains no moving parts and is therefore not prone to wear and tear. Other features also show its keen use of latest technology, for instance, its completely silent acceleration.

Pendleton Somerby Electric Bike.
This is an electric powered bike with a three power motor that makes your pedaling experience convenient, allowing for those leisurely rides during your spare time. With a low step through body, getting onto the bike is made easy. The style and color of this bike will ensure you stand out from the crowd, whilst the built in mudguards and chain-guard will protect your clothes - so you and the bike will each look extremely good. It also consists of a luggage rack and a sprung, leather fashion saddle for comfortable riding.